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Help With Sinus Relief

What are the Sinuses

Sinus represents a series of tunnels inside to nasal cavity and extending to the sides of the check and forehead. These areas can be prone to inflammation and blockages. Some people be have a chronic condition potentially due to long term infections, or an allergy triggered condition.

Sinus Relief

What problems are common for sinus sufferers?

  1. Headaches
  2. Allergies
  3. Pain
  4. Stress
  5. Sinus discharge
  6. Cough
  7. Sore throats
  8. Congestion
  9. Toothache
  10. Reduced sense of smell
  11. Bad breath
  12. Temperature
  13. Weak Immune system

How do you get relief from sinus problems?

The first thing many people do is visit their GP who may prescribe medication to ease congestion; if your symptoms are not improving you may be referred to an ear, nose and throat clinic for further investigation.

I have included the following case study of a 52-year-old female. After having a filling carried out by her dentist 4 weeks ago. Her filling did not feel right she waited hoping the pain would settle

Added to this she started having headaches and have been persistent through out the sinuses issue. She did mention her jaw was aching after the dental work. Therefore it seems they initial trauma may have triggered a number of symptoms.

My method of integrative delivery for sinus relief was the use of the following modalities. Organic raw coconut oils as a lubricating medium for the facial massage.

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Head massage
  3. Ear acupuncture
  4. Facial massage, aid in relaxing client, move lymph, soft, tone and encourage blood flow to facial skin and muscles.
  5. Gua Sha. Increase energy flow, drain lymph
  6. Facial finger pressure point. Activate energy points
  7. Facial round point tool. This is used to target micro acupuncture points that are relative to the condition
  8. Qi gong. Light touch of Gi Gong activates subtle micro systems

According to healthcmi, acupuncture was found to encourage the production of IL-10 going some way to aiding of sinus relief, this is an interleukin that prohibits histamine release from stimulated mast cells. If the IL-10 is inhibited in the nasal mucosa it may be responsible in the rise in nasal allergy symptoms.

Acupuncture Treatment carried first as client need this out of the way first so they can begin to relax for the rest of the treatment

The following acupuncture points are often used for sinus relief:

  • I used the following point to open up the sinus energy:
  • Bitong; yingtang LI 20; LI 4;
  • St 1/2/3;
  • Du 22/23/24;
  • UB 2; GB 20; GB 14.
  • Bitong is used for general congestion

One study found that using the following three points for sinus relief had a good recovery short term and long term compared to the group taking medication (loratadine). Another study according to Paperity one study concluded acupuncture was 97% effective for sinus relief using the following points twice a week over 10 weeks (LI20, GB20, GB40 and SP9)

Having carried out my method of treatment twice a week for 10 weeks, my client started noticing positive results after 2 weeks her headaches started to reduce she was breathing better. From the third week her sinus and jaw pain had reduced significantly.

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