Flawless Face

Want A flawless Face Complexion?

Your skin, is an amazing organ, it needs the care and attention it deserves. Healthy diet, a good cleansing routine, and regular use of SPF are all ingredients for a great complexion, but what about addressing the multiple layers of skin and muscle on the face? Like exercising and toning your body, you can tone and treat the muscles that sit below your facial skin with Chinese facial acupuncture. The treatment can tighten the skin, manage wrinkles, stimulate circulation, tone facial muscles, balance energy flow, and treat targeted areas throughout the body. Acupuncture practices are included in several forms of traditional medicines and has been very popular in eastern cultures. Chinese acupuncture is based on the meridian system, and can be used to address a variety of ailments throughout the body, and is a popular form of alternative medicine today.
This treatment has been adapted to serve as a skincare treatment that has full body benefits.

Flawless Face Service at Home


The meridian system on which acupuncture points are located is the system that channels energy throughout the body. By stimulating specific points in the meridian system, can help treat certain ailments that correspond to the point. By working on the skin, the underlying tissues, and facial muscles, facial acupuncture treatment can treat more than topical skin symptoms and address underlying problems causing external symptoms.


Nick from Fusion Therapy offers holistic facial acupuncture treatments in the privacy and comfort of your own home. When receiving flawless face treatment in your own home, a familiar environment, you can be totally relaxed and experience the complete benefits of the treatment. Each session lasts and hour and a half. www.fusiontherapy.co.uk text to book 07733964146.

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