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Drag Queen Beard Waxing Made Easier

drag queen beard waxing

Effective Beard Waxing With Deep Meditation

In todays society we have an amazing eclectic mix of people, personalities and trends. For whatever reason men are embracing their feminine side and slowly across the world societies and cultures are beginning to accept and understand these concepts.

Hair on males and to some extent females may be there for a purpose. In society the growth and colour of hair shows youth and health. Generally men are hairier than majority of females. In some societies facial hair is never removed due to religious reasons as in Judaism, Islam and Sikhism.

Men’s beard hair is deeper set and particularly strong. Removing the hair is a challenge. That’s why majority of the times it is shaved with wet razor or electric. There is now a growing trend for men to seek other methods of hair removal, besides shaving.

Drag Queen Beard Waxing

Growth cycle of hair

There are three phases of hair growth and each follicle has a life time of hair growth.

  • The first stage is Anagen stage the hair grows at approximately 1 cm a month.
  • Following the Anagen phase is the Catagen phase follows the anagen phase and stage that lasts around two weeks.
  • The final stage or the dormant is the Telogen stage last about three months. The follicle hair just stay locked in the capsule and for the period.

Once the Telogen stage has end the hair capsule reverts to Anagen stage and starts to produce hair.

Normal methods of hair removal for Drag Queen Beards


Wet shave is the most popular as it is quick and relatively pain free until one cuts once self. However, due to the hair being cut or shaved at the thickest part of the hair shaft the hair or shadow can be seen within a day.

Dry shave using electric shaver can give reasonable results although not as close a shave as wet shave.

Drag Queen Beard Waxing


This method of hair removal is very popular on legs, arms, back and chest for men. In certain European countries men are beginning to have their beards waxed. Warning facial sink has many more nerve ending and a high density of hair follicles than other area of the body. Therefore removing hair in this area with waxing is more painful.

Strip. This is a popular method by applying wax on the facial skin and then place a strip of gauss or cotton to remove the adhered wax and hair.

The Most effective least Painful method Drag Queen Beard Waxing

Hot wax. The beauty about this material is the it encapsulates and shrinks wraps around the hair. Once cool the layer of wax is swiftly removed with the hair and without using strips of gauss.

Due to the stress and trauma of removing facial hair. Nick from Fusion Therapy has come up with a ingenious method of placing clients into a deep meditative stateroom to removing the hair. This mother has been very effective for his clients having facial acupuncture. Where, up to 100 needle are input onto the face.

The added treatment does come at a price however this is offset with the benefit of virtually no discomfort and due to the meditative start faster healing processes.

So if you Drag Queens want Beard Waxing contact

Nick Parmar

Fusion Therapy


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