Bespoke Therapies

Bespoke Therapies Because You Are UNIQUE

Feel free to explore our bespoke therapies you wish to undertake and read further about them. If you have any questions please do  not hesitate to get in touch via email or text.

I pride myself of providing therapies if believe in, most of which are researched modalities that will be of benefit to you and your whole being.

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bespoke therapies

bespoke therapies

Our concepts driven by what you need in terms of your Health & Wellbeing

Through out history people have relied on natural therapies to aid their health and wellbeing, This may be in forms massage, acupuncture, herbs, prayer etc. Most of these therapies have being officially researched although different establishments either accept them or reject them depending the connection with western medicine.

Reflexology for instance has been pictured in carvings on Egyptian walls, indicating hands on therapy carried out even in those time as a natural medicine. Gua Sha for instance is know to have been used as a therapy by cavemen, if they had hurt a limb they would rub this on a smooth rock and when the skin turns red with bruising their ailments would begin to get better over the next few days. Chinese believe that the Gua Sha treatment aids the Qi (life energy) to come to the surface from deep within the bodies tissues to help heal. As for massage in India it is believed that prana our life force travels in rivers known as nadis around the body and the massage treatment itself aids the balancing the life force and healing your ailments. The similar principle although different names apply to acupuncture just like with Gua Sha. In acupuncture there are over three hundred point that are accessed by acupuncture to help bring balance to energies for healing