Perineal Massage

Mobile Perineal Massage Service

Has been proved with evidence based research to help in the management of antenatal pregnancy and reducing the potential patient trauma of tearing or being cut at the perineum during delivery.

How to do Perineal Massage

When shown professionally how perineum massage is performed a few times the method can be carried out by the recipient on a regular bases and if comfortable can be performed or assisted by their partner. Generally the therapy can begin from 34 weeks of pregnancy. Performed 2-4 times a week, enabling the tissues to stretch effectively for the arrival of your baby.

Setting The Mood for Perineal Massage

It’s is essential not to rush the therapy. As it is all about the mood being set with phones switched off, soft lighting & music.

Perineal Massage Oils

Use water based lubricants, coconut oil or olive oil as they are gentle on the skin. Please avoid using mineral or synthetic based oils such as Vaseline (or derivatives) or baby oils.

Ensure you have visited the bathroom and released any bowel movements and urine if need be wash the area with luke warm water and pat dry.

Avoid doing this therapy if you have vaginal infections or thrush or vaginal herpes.

mobile massage

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Place a towel on the surface you wish to lay on. Get yourself in as comfortable position as possible, preferably with your knees apart and up providing you with access from the side of your posterior. Apply plenty of lubricant to the area. Begin be stoking the lower labia folds slowly and gently (please ensure the goal and intention is set at the not to make love or have an orgasm) as your are doing this therapy on a particular part of the an anatomy. The goal being to massage and slow stretch muscles around lower labia.


Massaging the area increases erythema / blood flow and improving collagen and elastin. According to Walfisch (2008) women having this type of perineal massage have a lower rate of first degree tears and reduced potential of cuts at time of birth. If you would like this therapy in the comfort of your own home contact Nick Parmar from Fusion Therapy who will provide a mobile massage service.



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