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Corporate Massage Leeds,  available UK and World Wide. Corporate Massage helps with Creativity, Happiness, Efficient, Positively, Productive and Loyal Work Force

You’ve now found a company to bring you some fabulous massage treatments to your office.

Friendly, skilled therapists giving your people high octane massage therapy.

You want the best Trained Holistic Specialist, to relax and rejuvenate your team.

Also specialist in remedial healing for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

corporate massage

corporate massage

1. 13.5 million working days were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety in 2007-08.
2. Resulting in long term severe problems such as musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disorders, chronic infections, depression, as well as high blood pressure.
3. 60% of workers questioned thought that the current economic climate is making both them and their colleagues feel stressed and under pressure.
4. 45% said their employer had no provision for dealing with stress.
Report June 2009
Your muscles are unique in that they have memory. Stress and tension build up in layers over months and years.

5. Over 80% of illness is a direct result of built up stress.

Good quality, weekly corporate massage has a strong impact on peeling away the layers of stress and helps the process of healing and well being of your workforce.

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