Pre-Wedding Weight Loss With Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Natural Way For Per-Wedding Weight Loss

Controlling your weight and avoiding weight gain are important ways to prevent a host of future weight-related health problems. Per-Wedding Weight Loss can help, indeed, if you are more than 20 pounds over your ideal weight, you are at greater risk for a rogues gallery of potentially deadly conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, endometrial cancer, obstructive sleep apnea, and breast cancer. Therefore, gradual pre-wedding weight loss is infinitely better for your body.

Whats more, most people who are overweight tend to avoid exercise, and that avoidance just adds to the toll paid for extra pounds. Per-Wedding Weight Loss one should exercise as well

If you have a sedentary lifestyle and are overweight, you are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and other health problems. And, if you already have a medical condition such as high cholesterol, being overweight puts you at higher risk for complications. The good news is that even modest amounts of weight loss can improve your health significantly. Loss of 10% of body weight can reduce blood pressure, high cholesterol, triglyceride, and high blood sugar levels.

Yorkshire weddings, Per-Wedding Weight Loss

Per-Wedding Weight Loss

Per-Wedding Weight Loss

Today, there are many procedures that can contribute and help people loss weight effectively. One of the known procedure in losing weight is through hypnosis. However, many misconceptions have come up with regards to the application of hypnosis in losing eight. And because it does not involve drugs or any kinds of medications and surgery, many people tend to think that losing weight through hypnosis seems to be one of the safest weight loss program.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy By Fusion Therapy

To know more about hypnosis and its effects on losing weight, here is a list of some facts that will give you an insight about what it can do to your body weight.

  1. Hypnosis can be an imminently risky if not done properly and not utilize by people who are highly trained with the real concept of hypnosis. Even if many people tend to think that hypnosis will not pose imminent danger to their health, still, it is important to know that the person who will do the procedure is skilled enough and that he or she knows what factors to consider before doing the procedures.
  1. Hypnosis alone cannot eliminate excess fat from the body and, therefore, make somebody lose weight. Most health experts contend that hypnosis should only be a part of a whole assimilated process. It should never be used as the sole weight loss procedure.

Moreover, one session of hypnosis will only have very minimal results on an individuals weight. When losing weight, hypnosis matched with psychotherapy will be more effective than hypnosis alone. This is because hypnosis is only a state of deeply relaxing the mind, in which one can still be in control of his or her own body.

  1. Hypnosis is one way of getting into the subliminal state of a person. When a person is on the hypnotic stage, the body is more responsive to suggestibility because of its intensified state of concentration. However, this does not necessarily mean that through hypnosis, one can already reprogram the mind of an individual. In reality, hypnosis can only run the range from trouble-free relaxation condition to proper initiation managed Nick from fusion therapy a professional hypnotist. Hence, it should not be considered paranormal and magical in its upshots. Boiled down, people should be more aware that hypnosis is not a sole effective process in losing weight. It is more of a facilitator of various treatment techniques.

Therefore, it should be combined with other weight loss management program to be effective in making people lose excess weight. In this manner, people will be able to lose more weight with a more relaxed and refreshed state of mind.


Nick provides a mobile service specifically called Gastric Band Hypnotherapy may help committed people lose weight naturally, Leeds, Harrogate and York.


As they say, a healthy mind is a healthy body.




Number 1: Simple Gastric Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Obesity not only affects the person physically, emotionally and spiritually, it affects their circle of family and friends. There is always an underlying reason for the person to use this form of body armour as protection. And unfortunately this body armour has a negative effect because the person stops loving themselves.

Hypnotherapy’s benefits help thousands of people for virtually hundreds of different conditions, and it has been clinically evidenced from many countries for a number of years. We go through states of trance approximately 120 times a day, which is a light state of hypnosis.



Statistics why gastric hypnotherapy may help obesity in the UK

Obesity amongst adults over 16, according to the Health Survey for England (HSE), shows that over 62% of adults are obese and a substantial proportion of these adults have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30. In Europe: UK is the highest in terms of obesity rates. Added to this, northern England has the highest levels of obese.

How gastric hypnotherapy is more cost effective

Cost of obesity and its burden on the state has increased from £479.3 million in 1998 to £4.2 billion in 2007, and has a projection of over £27 billion by 2015. It costs £9,500-15,000 for gastric bypass surgery, whereas 4-session gastric hypnotherapy is a fraction of the cost and has an unprecedented safe success rates.

Risks of gastric band surgery compared to gastric hypnotherapy

Weight loss surgery, as with all other surgeries, carries the risk of complications; some of which can be potentially serious and fatal such as:

Blood clot inside the leg (deep vein thrombosis), internal bleeding and blood clot or other blockage inside the lungs (pulmonary embolism)

The overall risk of death in hospital after having any kind of weight loss surgery is around 1 in 1,000

On the other hand, gastric hypnotherapy carries minimal to zero risk

Possible health benefits of gastric hypnotherapy

Once the recipient has decided to lose weight and is willing to take on the positive benefits of gastric band hypnotherapy they should:

Reduce their intake of fast food high in fats and sugar

Reduce their intake of sugary drinks and large quantities of alcohol

Reduce eating out in restaurants

Reduce comfort eating when feeling low or just due to a habit of eating


Obesity carries a number of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions, such as:

Type 2 diabetes

Coronary heart disease

Some types of cancer, such as breast cancer and bowel cancer


Obesity can also affect your quality of life and lead to psychological problems, such as low self-esteem or depression.

What is gastric hypnotherapy?

Once the conscious mind is bypassed, the subconscious mind is more receptive to going through the imaginational construct of having a pretend gastric band installed. This aids the conscious mind in triggering a fuller tummy. By having 3-4 sessions the therapy compounds the positive effects.

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Top 3 Therapies For Headaches

Complementary Therapies For Headaches

There are many causes of headaches pain, as well as different types of clinically named headaches dependant on their severity. Some people suffer from this type of condition for many years without getting any help or relief. This article looks into three evidenced based therapies that may be of help.

Top 3 Natural Therapies For Headaches

Headaches Effect Everyone

Headache Statistics

Headaches can affect people across all ages and are a complex form of illness. As such can have an impact on the daily life of the person. Due to this, headaches are some of the most requested appointments to the local GP practices. According to UK figures showing an economic burden of £956 million due to servicing and management of headaches and £4.8 billion including lost employment days. These are likely to be underestimates because many people experiencing headaches do not consult their GP.

What Are The Headache Triggers

Headaches may have a variety of triggers for instance, hormones, genetics, viruses, bio-chemicals and bacteria. A neurological chemical serotonin usually blocks pain in a person, however, headache sufferers tend to have low levels of serotonin.

Different classes of headaches


  1. Migraine headache pain, usually affects one side of the head and some people are know to see colours and require darkness or shading from light. Migraine can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life and working life of a person. Current medication for migraines are NSAIDS, caffeine, triptans and antiepileptic medications, however, with all medication no research has been carried out into their long term negative effects.


  1. Cluster headache pain, these can be daily recurrent severely painful headaches lasting a short time.


  1. Sinus headache pain is usually caused by blocked or infected sinus. The area affected may be around the forehead, temple and nasal regions.


  1. Rebound headache pain caused by consumption of too much headache medications. Therefore, the headache symptoms and intensity is increased by taking the medication.
Natural Therapies That May Help.

Acupuncture is a traditional natural therapy that helps to bring balance to the bodies energy systems. World Health Organisation (WHO) has validated acupuncture for its efficacy in aiding and treating headaches. Linde et al. review showed after 3-4 months of acupuncture recipients had few episodes and severity of migraine headaches. The most common acupuncture points used were li3, st36, gb34 and gv20.



A recent methodological review for treatment of headaches with hypnosis found it may have relevance in the empirically supported therapy for reducing the tension type headaches and migraines.


Massage Therapy

According to Hemandez-reif (1998) massage helps reduce migraine symptoms. Having massages for a period of 5-8 weeks has proved effective in reducing stress, easing of pain, more pain free days, better sleep and increased serotonin levels.

Nick from Fusion Therapy provides a mobile complementary service for the locals in the Leeds area.

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Acupuncture Diabetes A Natural Helper

How Acupuncture May Help Diabetes

NHS state that there are over 3.9 million people living with diabetes in the UK and by 2025 this figure may increase to 5 million. In this article we are mainly discussing Type 2 Diabetes. An article for type 1 diabetes may be found her NHS. Acupuncture Diabetes

History Of Acupuncture

Historically diabetes was potentially founded 1550BC, written on papyrus stating the onset of a rare peculiar disease that caused weight loss with increased frequency of urination. A Greek physician Aretaeus (30-90CE) had recorded the name ‘diabetes’ after his patients had excessive urination, constant feeling of being thirsty and loosing weight. In the 19th century a chemical test was invented that enabled the detection of excessive sugar in the blood. Within the same era a medical student call Paul Langerhans had found through microscopic investigations the working of the pancreas, this lead him to identify tiny cells in form of islands. At that time their function was relatively unknown. Its was around the 1920s an American call Moses Barron noted after investigation and research names the cells Isle of Langerhans cells as a tribute to Paul Langerhans discovery. A doctor called Fredrick Banting through experimentation linked the pancreas with diabetes and found insulin this lead Banting to win Nobel Prize for is work.

Signs and Symptoms

Diabetes is metabolic disorder in which there are consistently high levels of blood sugar. Due to insufficient production of insulin your carbohydrates are not metabolised correctly. This causes a number of issues such as increased hunger feeling thirsty and frequent urination. Hormones may also be a trigger and have an impact on insulin production. If diabetes is early in life, this has more complications for the later stages in life. Research has shown that coming up to middle age and or being obesity has a great chance of contracting the disease.

Majority of people have high levels of blood sugar content in their system which may be slightly above the normal range, although never being high enough to be consistent enough to be diabetic. This is generally known as being prediabetes, if however the combination of blood sugar ratio remains at a prolonged high level there is a risk of having full-blown diabetes.

Acupuncture For Diabetes

Scientific evidence and clinical tests over the last 12 years have show that acupuncture for diabetes has significant benefits for patients in the following areas

Elevate a lower pain threshold

Lowers the release of pancreatic glucagons

Prevent slowing of motor nerve conduction

Exert antiartherogenic, antioxidant and immunomodulating effects

Improve microcirculation and myocardial contractility;

Enhance blood outflow and regulate vascular peripheral resistance;

Lower blood glucose content

With acupuncture for diabetes the effects are immediate from the onset of the therapy. Patients also report believing that acupuncture for diabetes has helped numbness, erectile dysfunction. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) Diabetic neuropathic pain, a condition of diabetes is one of the most common side effects and have profound burden on an individual particularly in the quality of life, ability to work and a high use of care resources. Tong (2010) research paper shows a fifteen day acupuncture treatment for diabetic peripheral neuropathy had positive results for the acupuncture group compared to the sham group for the numbness of extremities.


A Little Phobia Knowledge Goes A Long Way

Phobia sufferers are quite adept at managing their fears because as far as possible they try to avoid situations where they may be presented by the arch nemesis. This fear and resultant anxiety can be as debilitating as insomnia or depression causing life changing and limiting social environments.

Every person is afraid of something whether physical or emotional. Some people on the surface seem fearless this is because it’s a matter of how they show their fear on the surface.

A compounded fear that cannot be hidden usually becomes a phobia due to its emotional and psychological nature. The phobia usually recalls a past trigger and enacts it through a traumatic compounded memory

A phobia can triggers the following sweaty palms, increased heart rate, heart palpitations and shallow breathing as well as many other emotional physical effects. According to experts in the field long-term damage may result due to persistent episodes of progressive trauma and exposure to phobic situations

Phobic are highly skilled visualisers and can imagine situation quite vividly with amazing details in colour, feel, sound and smell. Compounding on the first trigger or situation thus avoiding even simple phobia as an example an elevator and taking stairs every time and even having to avoid going in places of high buildings.

Your Phobia List

Word Definition
acarophobia fear of itching or of insects causing itching
acrophobia phobia fear of heights
aerophobia fear of flying or draughts
agoraphobia fear of open spaces
agyiophobia fear of crossing busy streets
aichmophobia fear of sharp or pointed objects
ailurophobia phobia fear of cats
algophobia fear of pain
amathophobia fear of dust
amaxophobia fear of riding in a car
ambulophobia fear of walking
anglophobia fear of England or the English
anthrophobia fear of humans
anuptaphobia fear of staying single
aquaphobia fear of water
arachibutyrophobia fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth
arachnophobia phobia fear of spiders
astraphobia fear of being struck by lightning
astrapophobia fear of thunder and lightning
automysophobia fear of being dirty
autophobia fear of solitude
ballistophobia fear of missiles
bathophobia fear of falling from a high place
batophobia fear of heights or being close to tall buildings
batrachophobia fear of frogs and toads
belonephobia fear of pins and needles
bibliophobia fear of books
blennophobia fear of slime
brontophobia fear of thunder and lightning
cancerophobia fear of cancer
cathisophobia fear of sitting
cenophobia fear of empty spaces
chrematophobia fear of money
cibophobia fear of or distaste for food
claustrophobia fear of closed spaces
climacophobia fear of falling down stairs
clinophobia fear of staying in bed
cremnophobia fear of cliffs and precipices
cyberphobia fear of computers
cynophobia fear of dogs
dromophobia fear of crossing streets
dysmorphophobia fear of physical deformities
ecophobia fear of home
eleutherophobia fear of freedom
eosophobia fear of dawn
ergasiophobia fear of work
ergophobia fear of work
erotophobia phobia fear of sex
erythrophobia fear of red lights or of blushing
euphobia fear of good news
Francophobia fear of France or the French
gallophobia fear of France or the French
gamophobia fear of marriage
geniophobia fear of chins
genophobia fear of sex
gerascophobia fear of growing old
graphophobia fear of writing
gymnophobia fear of nudity
heliophobia fear of sunlight
herpetophobia fear of snakes
hierophobia fear of sacred things
homichlophobia fear of fog
homophobia fear of homosexuals
hydrophobia fear of water
hypsophobia fear of high places
iatrophobia fear of going to the doctor
iconophobia fear or hatred of images
kainotophobia fear of change
kakorrhaphiophobia fear of failure
kenophobia fear of empty spaces
ligyrophobia fear of loud noises
linonophobia fear of string
lygophobia fear of darkness
lyssophobia fear of hydrophobia
macrophobia fear of prolonged waiting
metrophobia fear of poetry
monophobia fear of being alone
muriphobia fear of mice
myophobia fear of mice
mysophobia fear of contamination or dirt
nebulaphobia fear of fog
necrophobia fear of corpses
negrophobia fear of blacks
neophobia fear of novelty
nosophobia fear of disease
novercaphobia fear of one’s stepmother
nyctophobia fear of the night or darkness
ochlophobia fear of crowds
oenophobia fear or hatred of wine
ombrophobia fear of rain
onomatophobia fear of hearing a certain word
ophidiophobia Pobia fear of snakes
ophthalmophobia fear of being stared at
optophobia fear of opening one’s eyes
ornithophobia fear of birds
paedophobia fear of children; fear of dolls
panophobia melancholia marked by groundless fears
pantophobia fear of everything
parthophobia fear of virgins
pathophobia fear of disease
pediculophobia fear of lice
pentheraphobia fear or hatred of one’s mother-in-law
phagophobia fear of eating
phengophobia fear of daylight
phonophobia fear of noise or of speaking aloud
photophobia fear of light
pogonophobia fear of beards
psychrophobia fear of the cold
pteronophobia fear of being tickled by feathers
pyrophobia fear of fire
Russophobia fear of Russia or Russians
satanophobia fear of the devil
sciaphobia fear of shadows
scopophobia fear of being looked at
scoptophobia fear of being looked at
scotophobia fear of the dark
sitiophobia fear of food
sitophobia fear of food or eating
spectrophobia fear of looking in a mirror
symmetrophobia fear of symmetry
syphilophobia fear of syphilis
taphephobia fear of being buried alive
technophobia fear of technology
thalassophobia fear of the sea
thanatophobia fear of death
theophobia fear of God
tocophobia fear of pregnancy or childbirth
tonitrophobia fear of thunder
topophobia fear of performing; fear of certain places
toxicophobia fear of poisoning
toxiphobia fear of poison or being poisoned
triskaidekaphobia fear of the number thirteen
uranophobia fear of heaven
xenophobia fear of foreigners
zelophobia fear of jealousy
zoophobia fear of animals

Phobia help

Evidence has shown that hypnotherapy Marks (1968) showed significant positive results in aid recover and systemic desensitisation of phobic respondents. Helping to ensure that the high impact imagery used be the phobic is reduced to a low sensitivity.

To find out more on how Nick Parmar from fusion therapy can effectively help you move forward in your life with reduction of your  phobiafears, get in touch now.

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Drag Queen Beard Waxing

Drag Queen Beard Waxing Made Easier

drag queen beard waxing

Effective Beard Waxing With Deep Meditation

In todays society we have an amazing eclectic mix of people, personalities and trends. For whatever reason men are embracing their feminine side and slowly across the world societies and cultures are beginning to accept and understand these concepts.

Hair on males and to some extent females may be there for a purpose. In society the growth and colour of hair shows youth and health. Generally men are hairier than majority of females. In some societies facial hair is never removed due to religious reasons as in Judaism, Islam and Sikhism.

Men’s beard hair is deeper set and particularly strong. Removing the hair is a challenge. That’s why majority of the times it is shaved with wet razor or electric. There is now a growing trend for men to seek other methods of hair removal, besides shaving.

Drag Queen Beard Waxing

Growth cycle of hair

There are three phases of hair growth and each follicle has a life time of hair growth.

  • The first stage is Anagen stage the hair grows at approximately 1 cm a month.
  • Following the Anagen phase is the Catagen phase follows the anagen phase and stage that lasts around two weeks.
  • The final stage or the dormant is the Telogen stage last about three months. The follicle hair just stay locked in the capsule and for the period.

Once the Telogen stage has end the hair capsule reverts to Anagen stage and starts to produce hair.

Normal methods of hair removal for Drag Queen Beards


Wet shave is the most popular as it is quick and relatively pain free until one cuts once self. However, due to the hair being cut or shaved at the thickest part of the hair shaft the hair or shadow can be seen within a day.

Dry shave using electric shaver can give reasonable results although not as close a shave as wet shave.

Drag Queen Beard Waxing


This method of hair removal is very popular on legs, arms, back and chest for men. In certain European countries men are beginning to have their beards waxed. Warning facial sink has many more nerve ending and a high density of hair follicles than other area of the body. Therefore removing hair in this area with waxing is more painful.

Strip. This is a popular method by applying wax on the facial skin and then place a strip of gauss or cotton to remove the adhered wax and hair.

The Most effective least Painful method Drag Queen Beard Waxing

Hot wax. The beauty about this material is the it encapsulates and shrinks wraps around the hair. Once cool the layer of wax is swiftly removed with the hair and without using strips of gauss.

Due to the stress and trauma of removing facial hair. Nick from Fusion Therapy has come up with a ingenious method of placing clients into a deep meditative stateroom to removing the hair. This mother has been very effective for his clients having facial acupuncture. Where, up to 100 needle are input onto the face.

The added treatment does come at a price however this is offset with the benefit of virtually no discomfort and due to the meditative start faster healing processes.

So if you Drag Queens want Beard Waxing contact

Nick Parmar

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Flawless Face

Want A flawless Face Complexion?

Your skin, is an amazing organ, it needs the care and attention it deserves. Healthy diet, a good cleansing routine, and regular use of SPF are all ingredients for a great complexion, but what about addressing the multiple layers of skin and muscle on the face? Like exercising and toning your body, you can tone and treat the muscles that sit below your facial skin with Chinese facial acupuncture. The treatment can tighten the skin, manage wrinkles, stimulate circulation, tone facial muscles, balance energy flow, and treat targeted areas throughout the body. Acupuncture practices are included in several forms of traditional medicines and has been very popular in eastern cultures. Chinese acupuncture is based on the meridian system, and can be used to address a variety of ailments throughout the body, and is a popular form of alternative medicine today.
This treatment has been adapted to serve as a skincare treatment that has full body benefits.

Flawless Face Service at Home


The meridian system on which acupuncture points are located is the system that channels energy throughout the body. By stimulating specific points in the meridian system, can help treat certain ailments that correspond to the point. By working on the skin, the underlying tissues, and facial muscles, facial acupuncture treatment can treat more than topical skin symptoms and address underlying problems causing external symptoms.


Nick from Fusion Therapy offers holistic facial acupuncture treatments in the privacy and comfort of your own home. When receiving flawless face treatment in your own home, a familiar environment, you can be totally relaxed and experience the complete benefits of the treatment. Each session lasts and hour and a half. text to book 07733964146.

Pregnancy Massage

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage at Home

Pregnancy is said to be the most critical period in the life of a woman, as she undergoes both physical and psychological changes during this stage. During pregnancy, several hormonal changes occur within the body of the would-be mother to accommodate the growth of the new life inside her womb. Hence occasional mental stress and muscle pains are quite common problems faced by the pregnant women.

mobile pregnancy massage

Mobile Pregnancy Massage

Most of the pregnancy related ailments can be addressed by a proper body or pregnancy massage, which should be done by a trained professional only. Many people are used in taking a regular body massage, but the massage of a pregnant woman should be much different from that of a normal person, as it is the job of the masseur to ensure the safety of both mother and child while massaging. As some of the body parts of a pregnant woman cannot be massaged, this massage should always be done by an expert masseur who knows well about the anatomy of a pregnant body and the type of massage needed for her best relief.

Several benefits of a successful pregnancy massage:

Massage helps in providing relaxation to the total body muscles, thus leading to the reduction in muscle cramps and tensions.
Gentle massages work greatly in overall pain management as all pains caused due to pregnancy in neck, lower back, hips and legs can be decreased considerably, by regular pregnancy massages of those affected body parts.
The daily massages have got the capability of de-stressing a pregnant woman and make her content and cheerful again, by massaging her head and some special nerves which are responsible for her mood changes.
The lymph massage is another important feature during this period, as it prevents too much accumulation of lymph secretion in the nodal points or the lymph vessels of the whole body. Thus it cures the swelling of the body and the pain caused due to this swelling of lymph nodes and ducts.
The softness and the elasticity of the body skin is duly maintained by massaging the body tenderly and with special care, so that even the underlying tissues of the skin too may regain the ability to stretch properly again.
These massages are also meant to strengthen the major joints of the body that are more affected by the burden of pregnancy, like the knee joints and hip joints.
Massages done by expert hands till delivery help in easier childbirth and also make the labor pain much lesser intense, hence pregnancy massages are very effective in easing tension of the would-be mother regarding her safe childbirth.

During the advance stage of pregnancy, the women prefer to stay mostly at home and thus they want the pregnancy massage to be done comfortably at their home too. Therefore the mobile services offered by expert masseurs like Nick Parmar from Fusion Therapy can effectively help them in managing their back pain and all other medical issues, thus making their pregnancy period more exciting and bearable.

Better Sleep

6 Powerful Tips to a Better Sleep

Many Americans are having difficulties falling asleep at night. Instead of sleeping and dreaming they roll around in their beds trying to fall asleep. The result usually is people not rested enough in the morning and tired all day. This results in stress and less performance on the job or at home. We have developed a list of 6 powerful tips that have helped us to achieve better sleep.

1) Room temperature: Keeping the temperature in your bedroom at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below is recommended. Too often an overheated bedroom is causing sleep problems. Scientific studies show that the body can better relax with temperatures at 70 degrees or slightly below.

2) Reduce caffeine. A recent study showed that caffeine is not metabolized efficiently and fast enough at night. The effects of caffeine last much longer than most people expect. The result is difficulty falling asleep. Studies have shown better sleeping patterns if no more caffeine is consumed after 6.00 PM.

3) Avoid alcohol. Alcohol will keeps the body from reaching the deeper stages of sleep, where the body does most of its healing and resting. The result of drinking can be a very light sleep or difficulty falling asleep in general.

4) Beds are for sleeping. If you are used to watch TV in bed or even work while being in bed, you may find it much harder to relax and to fall asleep. Remove the TV and do not work in bed. Sleep requires your brain to slowly shutdown and any distraction will cause sleeping problems.

5) Go to bed at around the same time every day. Don’t change your bedtime back and forth. Having a certain schedule developed it will be easier to fall asleep pretty much at the same time every day. A recurring schedule will help your body to get into a sleep pattern and make it easier to fall asleep.

6) Remove the alarm clock from your view. Starring at the time will only create the feeling that you have to sleep, but you are not. These worries will make things even worse. Losing the feeling for time by not seeing the actual and how long you have been awake has shown to improve healthy sleep.

Pregnancy And Back pain

Back Pain During Pregnancy

It is an unfortunate but inevitable fact that a majority of pregnant women will experience back pain at some point in their pregnancy. There are many remedies that can relieve the aches and discomfort of pregnancy, while preventing it from becoming a long-lasting predicament.

pregnancy back pain

Pregnancy Back Pain Massage Therapy

Women with pre-existing back pain prior to pregnancy have an easier time adjusting to the discomfort as the pregnancy develops. Proper medical advice and treatment can prevent back pain from becoming a complication when labour occurs.

Causes of Pregnancy Back Pain

Two categories of back pain during pregnancy are caused by:

1.) Strained ligaments, muscles, discs and joints caused by poor posture, incorrect lifting methods, weak or taut muscles, or injury, this type of back pain can occur with people even before pregnancy. Symptoms worsen at the end of the day or after standing for long periods of time, due to muscle fatigue and stretched ligaments from the combined weight of both the body and the baby.

A minority of pregnant women may experience symptoms of sciatica during the course of their pregnancy. This stems from inflammation or back pressure which causes pain in the sciatic nerve. Other symptoms include tingling, weakness, backaches, and pain traveling down one leg. There is a common misconception that it is the baby’s weight that puts pressure on a nerve, however sciatica is a disorder which may occur whether the pregnancy exists or not.

2.) Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) this back pain is pregnancy-related and may need to be treated differently from standard back pain. A majority of pregnant women who experience back pain during pregnancy suffer from this ailment.

Pain symptoms located around the area of the pubic bone may signal the onset of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). It is advised to consult a qualified physiotherapist well-versed in the area of women’s health to make a correct diagnosis for these conditions.

Preventing Pregnancy Back Pain

By making sure the body is fit and healthy before getting pregnant can help prevent back pain. Even if pregnancy has already occurred, keeping fit is still possible through exercise specially tailored for pregnant women (refer to antenatal fitness portion). These exercises can lower the risks of developing pregnancy-related back pain. Women unaccustomed to exercise are advised to take it slow.

Keeping a moderate exercise regimen, having the correct posture, refraining from lifting heavy objects, and taking good care of the back can ensure the prevention of pregnancy-related back pain. If lifting is unavoidable, knees should be bent, the back kept straight, and the object held close to the body as possible.

Ways to Alleviate Back Pain

1.) Taking care of the back

2.) Massage particularly when performed on the lower back, massage can result in considerable relief for tired and aching muscles. One relaxing method is to lean over the back of a chair or lie on one side while the muscles on both sides of the lower spine are massaged. Massage performed by a massage therapist (I need a really good massage), a midwife, or a physiotherapist may further relieve back pain.

3.) Heat and water taking a warm and soothing bath, using a hot pack, or even a warm water shower can alleviate symptoms of back pain.

4.) Wearing a support belt a maternity or support belt can help hold up the baby’s weight, easing the strain on the stomach and back muscles.

5.) Using a support pillow sleeping on one side with a wedged-shaped pillow beneath the tummy can lessen back pain.

6.) Strength and stability exercises involving the pelvis and lower abdominals can strengthen back and stomach muscles to help support the baby’s weight. One example of a simple and safe abdominal exercise involves getting down on the floor on the hands and knees, making sure the back is in a level position. While breathing in and out, the belly button is pulled in towards the spine and the back held immobile for 5 to 10 seconds. The stomach muscles are then allowed to relax after each contraction.

7.) Having a good posture this helps particularly if pain symptoms are centred on the tailbone, or coccyx. Slouching should be avoided, and the back should be arched whenever possible. It is advisable use a cushion or a cushioned ring to make sitting more comfortable.

8.) Aqua-natal classes according to research, these water exercises can significantly decrease pregnancy-related back pain.
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