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Show the bond of love for your baby with baby foot massage


Baby foot massage is a gentle nurturing, soothing and calming experience for your wonderful baby. Sleeping better, will help aid the natural growth of bones and muscles. Improve your babies immune system helping to combat pathogens

All babies have their own unique personalities, they laugh, they cry, they pull and do all sorts of quirky things. You will notice daily the baby doing and behaving slightly different in more positive and inquisitive ways.

And not long after your baby will be crawling, shuffling and walking. Each and every stage is wonderful to experience and see.


One of the most important reasons to provide this massage is that it helps in the process of bonding which may last a life time. I speak from experience as mum and dad used to provide massage and as I was growing up I did the massage on my parents and on a regular bases I used to walk on my fathers back to help ease the tension of work.

Emotional Well-being

Baby foot massage Leeds helps your baby feel loved, cared for, valued and respected. Other benefits are, your baby will feel much more calm and soothed, reduce crying and emotional de-stress. As well as aid in the relief of colic, wind and constipation.

Looking for a skilled baby foot massage therapist call Nick at Fusion Therapy. Being brought up with a culture in baby massage therefore, having experience right from the start.

In Indian culture its call the Receiver and the Giver as both parties will benefit.

Using only natural oil which is gentle for the baby foot massage.

As well as slow soft gentle nurturing massage strokes from toes to the knees will soothingly calm and relax the baby.

The therapy will be carried out with the the parents, as they will also be shown how to massage your lovely baby