Bespoke Acupuncture

Bespoke Acupuncture by Nick Fusion Therapy


I firmly believe when client receives mobile acupuncture service in their own home the benefits are compounded to a higher level, because you can continue to relax for as long as you need to. Without the need to come out of a clinic and back into the stress of life only to lose half the good work done by the acupuncturist.

Why is the therapy “Bespoke” apart from the acupuncture other Chinese treatments may be added to provided the best possible outcomes. Acupuncture is an high researched modality, it has its roots firmly embedded in Chinese history. Benefits of acupuncture are now becoming apparant to General Medicine. Because, Physiotherapist, chiropractor and osteopaths all have started the implement a westernised form acupuncture

They benefit a 100 fold due to the fact that the service is at you HOME

  • The energy is in a calmer state after treatment
  • You are in a familiar environment
  • The effects have more powerful lasting therapy 

Soe of the most poplar aliment acupuncture has know to have a particularly positive effect is on the following conditions. I have made a few links to evidenced research for your own background information. The World Health Organisation has been instrumental in its research and evaluation of clinical trials and has found acupuncture to be effective across a number of ailments. I was personally surprise even osteoarthritis was amongst illness or diseases to benefit form acupuncture. Other method that have incorporated some of the acupuncture points are Emotional Freedom Technique where the person say certain phrase and taps onto particular acupuncture points.

  1. Low Back Pain
  2. Women’s Issues
  3. Menopausal Symptoms
  4. Migraines/Headaches
  5. Smoking and Addiction
  6. IBS/GI conditions
  7. Fertility
  8. Acute Illness
  9. Pain
  10. Stress and Related Illness

Acupuncture is a natural form of healing without the use of chemical drugs and thier potential long term side effects.