3d Massage

mobile massage


Through the motion of water displacement a 3d massage rather than physically lifting the client or using downward force (thus causing a potential injury to the therapist and discomfort to the client). Using specially designed warm water cushions permits the therapist to work with the client’s own body weight as a source of pressure, facilitating a deeper, more “holistic” 3d massage technique. The relaxing warmth of fusion therapy massage promotes a deeper relaxation mechanism and an immediate sensation of wellbeing, enhancing the therapeutic effect of this massage.
Just laying down on the warm water cushion begins the process of gentle stretching, aligning your spine correctly, The heat increases circulation of blood and nutrients enhancing lymph movement thus promoting a better immune function. This is further improved by the efficiency of this therapy by the use of aromatherapy oils and the beneficial acceleration of these oils into the skin.

Float into the depths of relaxation.

Majority of our problems are due to modern sedentary lives impound physically from the shoulders and back. Each muscle group in the back has 16 layers of fibres, with normal massage techniques we can affect up to 6 layers. As with any exercise or massage muscle group layers have to be warmed up sufficiently to avoid damage or causing pain. This is where fusion therapy comes into its own with a 3d massage. Due to the constant gentle heat, all layers of all muscle groups in the back are heated up.

Using advanced massage techniques all 16 layers of muscle groups can be targeted. Thus giving a deeper more therapeutic, relaxing 3d massage with less pain, effectively addressing problem areas.

Advantages of fusion therapy are numerous, quite apart from reaching new heights of relaxation during this comfortable, undisturbed treatment. Consider the clients who cannot physically laying down: pregnant clients, the elderly, claustrophobic or even asthma sufferers etc. all clients can appreciate the benefits of fusion therapy without the discomfort of conventional massage.

Float Massage For Deep Relaxation

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