2 Great Therapies Beneficial For Stress Relief

Benefits Of Massage For Stress Relief

Massage is an ancient healing art which came to us from the Orient and works on the premise that when the body is calmed and relaxed our anxiety is significantly reduced.

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History of massage for stress relief

The earliest mention of massage as stress relief therapy is found in the ayurvedic tradition of India. Massage as a mental and physical relaxant is a part of Indian culture. In Japan the tradition of Shiatsu has been part of Japanese culture for generations. Shiatsu practitioners are still going from home to home in Japan, just like they have been doing for centuries, and asking people whether they require massage.


Complementary therapies have had a comeback over the last 20 years, due to a keen interest in a healthier holistic approach in managing health and wellbeing as an adjunct to conventional medicine.
Massage of late has been recognized in the West as a very important stress and tension relief technique. Oriental massage has been modified and expanded further here to suit the needs of our fast-paced lifestyle, and resembles now a form of therapy more than anything else.
Under severe stress, when our muscles are overworked, the body can give us signals in the form of soreness, stiffness and muscle spasms. We experience exhaustion and our mind feels tired.


Clinical tests show that a one and a half hour massage session is not only good for just our health and wellbeing but it reduces our heart rate, cortisol level as well as our insulin levels considerably, which in turn helps to reduce levels of anxiety thus aiding in stress relief . During massage our blood circulation is improved as fresh oxygen is pumped into our blood tissues. That oxygen flow helps to rid of excess product waste in our body, which in turn stimulates our recovery from any diseases.
Other positive effects of massage are improved muscle tone, an improvement of the nerves which connect to the spinal cord and brain, better digestion, and skin tone. We must not forget to mention psychological improvements such as greater self-confidence, self-assuredness and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Other complementary therapies that are great for stress relief

Reiki in Japanese means “Universal Life Energy”. It is a form of healing whereby energy is exchanged between giver and receiver. This universal energy is in every living being on Earth. When we are under stress, or experience tension or anxiety that means that we are low on that Life Energy. That deficiency can make us become sick or make us feel unhappy and drained. Reiki is a technique used to help reduce stress, clear blockages and rebalance the energy flow throughout the body. It helps you to feel relaxed and revitalised and recover zest for life.


Reiki is a powerful but gentle healer. It can not only help stress relief , but other ailments like headaches, pain, stomach upsets, back problems, asthma – respiratory problems, PMT, menstrual problems, sinusitis, anxiety and many more.


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Stress is one of the most evidenced conditions that has a negative impact on your health & wellbeing. Nick has gone through a process of high continuous stress that had caused major health problems. In his long search of self-management through training, Nick now offers a diverse professional service of  stress relief  to client all over the world

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